Original Film Making

Originality is the greatest attribute that a film should have for making it outstanding. Film festival organisers, film distributors and the audience want originality in all aspects of filmmaking. The idea, the narrative of the plot, the approach to the theme, the style of shooting, the style of editing and all other aspects of the film need to be original.

For this, the filmmaker must have a mind that is open to change. Cliches, or audio-visual expressions that are used too often and have become too ordinary, should be avoided completely. All that is learnt have to be forgotten and a fresh idea with a fresh approach and a fresh style of execution should be thought out. No one should say 'I have seen that in such and such a film'. Each frame and each shot must be fresh and original.

We, at Sirius Julius Communications, believe that originality is the most valuable attribute of our films. Every plot and idea is created in the heart and executed with the mind to interact with hearts of the viewers. When we make a film for you, we study and analyse your communication objectives, target audience and desired results to make a unique and outstanding creation that you can proudly present as your original film.