Corporate Films

A Corporate Film communicates your business to business associates, distributors, suppliers, consumers and other stakeholders, including the local community and all who come into contact with the company. It introduces your business to the viewers, reflects your values, projects your business propositions, excites and attracts the viewers, especially your potential customers and fulfils their needs. As a part of the social sites, it increases the digital presence of your company in the global market beyond estimations, popularizing the brand and increasing the brand value.

We, at Sirius Julius Communications, make corporate films that do not follow the traditional style of monologues, illustrative photos and charts. Instead, we tell your story in a way that touches the hearts of the viewers, making life-long human connections with them. Using original and pithy language, dynamic and striking visuals and alluring music, we make each of your corporate films a unique creation of aesthetic acumen and technical perfection.

The following are the types of corporate films that we make:

Corporate Profile Films

A corporate profile film contains, in a nutshell, or tells in a short duration, the relevant and essential corporate story that is ...


Brand-oriented Films

These films are targeted at consumers and potential consumers but focus more on the brand rather than the products and services. There...


Product-oriented Films

These films focus on one product or a group of products and may be connected with the launching of the product/s in the market...


Service-oriented Films

These films focus on one or more services offered by the Company and will make the viewer impressed by the advantages of using the ...


TV Commercials

Television commercials are very effective and high profile advertising campaigns through televisions and such other visual media...


Ad-Campaign films

Films used as part of advertisement campaigns, in support of parallel branding, rebranding, launching of new products or any such need...


Parallel Branding Films

Parallel branding films are films that create a sub-brand to the principal brand, without clashing with the main brand in any aspect. These...